La Féclaz - Le Revard

Have a real change of scene at this high plateau with a Far North vibe, forests and mountain pastures.


The resort ranks among the best for Nordic skiing in France with 150km of trails, 22km of downhill ski slopes and myriad routes to zip through unspoilt lands. Its sprawling mountain plateau is naturally suited to winter sports.

Whether it be snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skijoring, dog sledding, troika or even horse riding, you can’t imagine the joy of exploring the snow-capped forests and landscapes.

1 resort, 4 villages

La Féclaz

We love its peace and quiet, beautiful scenery and otherworldly feel so you can just let go and relax. It’s the perfect playground for families and keen athletes alike with countless things to do on the plateau: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowshoe treks, dog sledding, skijoring, troika, yooner, snow scooter, snowmobile in winter and hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing, canyoning, treetop adventure, paragliding and archery in summer.

Le Revard

This was one of the first ski resorts to be founded in France. Le Revard has an exciting history but has managed to hold onto its soul. Mont Revard’s summit has unique views of the Alps in all their glory, Mont Blanc in line of sight, Bourget Lake and the Épine Mountains (Jura).


The more understated village is a great place for families to relax and recharge their batteries.


This traditional and sunny little village is nicknamed the “Nice of the Bauges” and is the perfect place to drink in great views of the Bauges just 15 minutes from the Savoie Grand Revard cross-country ski pistes. Explore Arith’s traditional Bauges houses, washhouses, church, chapel, Morand mill, mountain pastures and forests.

The benchmark for Nordic skiing

La Féclaz – Le Revard is approved by Nordic France and has a first class Nordic skiing area with carefully-tended pistes, exemplary markings, snow grooming and tracing. Cross-country skiers can enjoy 150km of silence and fresh mountain air on the plateaus.

Vast forests pepper the site with guaranteed top quality snowfall throughout winter until April. The resort has 3 gateways and 3 sites with their own personalities: La Féclaz, Le Revard, Saint-François-de-Sales.

Two downhill ski resorts

La Féclaz – Le Revard resort has 2 areas with shuttle buses between them.

Le Revard has 2 green pistes, 5 blue pistes, 3 red pistes and 1 black piste.

La Féclaz has 2 green pistes, 5 blue pistes, 5 red pistes and 2 black pistes for skiers to zip along.