Summer biathlon and roller skiing

Biathlon, a summer activity in the mountains

Slip into the shoes of great champions like Martin Fourcade and have a go at summer biathlon!

You’ve been thrilled by the prowess of France’s biathlon athletes. Biathlon is a sport that offers beautiful snow-covered landscapes, varied disciplines, rhythm and suspense.

Did you know that this winter activity can also be enjoyed in summer? And that it’s perfectly suitable for beginners?

What is summer biathlon?

Biathlon consists of two elements: rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. Skiing in the summer? Yes, it’s possible. The summer version of Nordic skiing is roller skiing!

To practice it, you’ll need special equipment available for hire:
> A pair of roller skis, classic or skating (as for cross-country skiing). This is a bar with a wheel at each end. You don’t slide on the snow, but roll on a tarmac surface.
> A pair of roller ski shoes. These are similar to cross-country ski shoes.
> A pair of ski poles. Long and light, they help you to propel yourself.
> Safety gear.

This sport takes place on specially adapted ground where you can practice it in total safety. It’s open to children and adults. Why not give it a try this summer?

Where can you try summer biathlon in Chambéry Montagnes?

To experience the thrill of biathlon in a friendly atmosphere, book an introductory session for beginners.

A number of schools offer introductory sessions or courses at the La Féclaz biathlon stadium in the Bauges Mountains.

The ESF de La Féclaz organises introductory sessions for children aged 8 and over and adults. Private and group lessons, biathlon courses and private roller skiing lessons are organised during the summer season. You can try biathlon with a laser rifle, a pellet rifle or a 22 Long Rifle.

Biathlon Expérience offers fun biathlon discovery sessions on roller skis, but also on foot or during an escape game. Three-time runner-up in the biathlon world championship Alexis Bœuf and his team share their passion for the sport in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nordic Attitude offers roller skiing equipment hire (skis, shoes, poles and safety gear) and introductory lessons.

In Savoie, you can try out summer biathlon, as well as attending official competitions and holding your breath as you watch the breathtaking spectacle. Experience the thrill of biathlon live!

The biathlon event of the summer: the Biathlon Sumer Tour 2023

This summer, La Féclaz will be hosting the first leg of the Biathlon Summer Tour, on 16 and 17 September 2023.

Come and watch the best athletes compete against each other over these two days of the French Championships.

The Club de Ski Nordique de La Féclaz will be orchestrating this major sporting event. Don’t miss it!