Bikes and cycle paths

Chambéry Montagnes is home to a network of bike paths and trails covering over 90km.

You’ll find all the information you need about getting around Chambéry Montagnes using the Greater Chambéry metropolitan area’s bike services and facilities.

Chambéry Vélostation

Grand Chambéry designed the Chambéry Vélostation (bike station) to promote alternative forms of transport and move away from car use.

Synchro Vélostation is near Chambéry railway station and provides the following services:

  • City bike, children’s bike and accessory hire (3rd wheel, tows etc.).
  • E-bike hire.
  • 750 lockers at the station so you can travel by train + bike (1 day-1 year subject to availability).
  • Anti-theft bike markings.
  • Free classes to learn to ride a bike or refresh your memory.
  • A Synchro Bus information and sales desk.

Bike paths

Chambéry Montagnes is criss-crossed by more than 90km of cycling facilities, including 4 greenways totally dedicated to environmentally-friendly transport ( bikes, pedestrians, rollerbladers…). The main cycle paths in the conurbation are signposted with green and white panels.

A map of the cycle network is available from tourist offices, town halls, the Vélostation and the Synchro Bus sales office.

Download the map of cycling facilities in Chambéry Montagnes

Map of cycle paths (pdf – 3 MB )

V63 bike trail

The V63 bike trail runs through Chambéry Montagnes. It’s the perfect path for a safe and easy family outing among the lakes and foothills.


Ride on bike paths and shared roads, zip by jaw-dropping views and take your time uncovering the food & drink and heritage along your way.

Do you need more information?

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You can plan all your journeys in Chambéry Montagnes using the Synchro Chambéry app: