Carpooling with Synchro Covoiturage

Make car-pooling your go-to in Chambéry Montagnes, with Synchro Covoiturage.

Make the most of the Synchro Covoiturage service set up between the La Trousse park-and-ride facility and the resort of La Féclaz or the lake at La Thuile, as well as Saint Jeoire Prieuré and Challes les Eaux, but also within the Bauges Mountains, or towards the Chartreuse Mountains.

All the areas served by Synchro Covoiturage :

Saint-Alban-Leysse/Saint-Jean-d’Arvey/Thoiry/Les Déserts (La Féclaz)

Saint-Baldoph/Les Marches/Chartreuse

Les Bauges


La Thuile

How do you use Synchro Covoiturage?

It’s easy as pie! There are two car-pooling options: instant or planned.

Instant carpooling

If you’re a passenger, just head to the nearest stop and wait for a car to pass and stop safely to car-pool. Don’t forget to press the button to let cars know you want to carpool.

If you’re a driver, stop when you see a passenger waiting and discuss where they want dropping off.

When the car stops, the passenger and driver can use the Grand Chambéry car-pooling card to identify themselves. They agree to carpooling terms (destination, drop-off etc.).

It is not compulsory to have a carpooling pass to use this service.

For other journeys: planned carpooling

Use the free app or website to visit the regional Mov’ICI carpooling platform.

It’s free to subscribe and get in touch with fellow car poolers (passengers/drivers) with automatic messages (text or email).

Carpoolers agree when and where to pick up/drop off. You can choose where to stop and where to end the journey.

The driver can choose if you have to pay for the journey or not (carpoolers come to an agreement about payment).

Do you need more information?

If you need any advice, Allo Synchro is at your service on 04 79 68 73 73.

You can plan all your journeys in Chambéry Montagnes using the Synchro Chambéry app: