Personal data protection charter

  • Data Protection Policy
Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourist Board is committed to informing you of how it processes your personal data.

It is collected and used to provide you with services and products to suit you.

Data processing is in line with current regulations in terms of data protection i.e.

  • the French data protection act n°78-17;
  • the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Use of data

Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme manages data processing and collects data to promote tourism and provide information to visitors and residents of Chambéry Montagnes.

Any data collected by GCAT from contact forms may be used to:

  • Answer customers requests by post or email with regional tourist documents: map, welcome guide, accommodation guide, schedules, listings etc.
  • Send customers (with their agreement) practical and useful information whilst they are in the area or prior to their stay Messages tend to be sent on a weekly basis between the week prior to the stay and the week after the stay but may be more often in the event of urgent information.
  • Send customers (with their agreement) tourist/event information for the area with newsletters that are sent on a monthly basis at most.
  • Send customers (with their agreement) accommodation, activity or leisure promotions for the area with newsletters that are sent on a monthly basis at most.

Any personal data collected and later processed by Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme is data the customer sends via the contact forms.

The customer allows Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme to save personal data on file that is then digitally processed to improve customer relations, conduct market or statistical studies, send information about its products or brands.

Use of your personal data

Your personal data is solely used for the reasons it was initially collected.

Personal data is saved for the duration of the relationship between the customer and Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourist Board and up to one year after the relationship ends.

It is intended for the EPIC Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme. It is only shared with partners, service providers and professional organisations involved in Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme’s activities.

Privacy policy for your personal data

Organisational and technical measures have been put in place in line with current data protection regulations.

These measures ensure the security and integrity of your data. They stop your data from being misrepresented, damaged or shared with unauthorised third parties.

Moreover, anyone working at Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme or involved in processing personal data must adhere to all data protection regulations and agree to uphold their privacy.

What are your rights?

In accordance with current regulations, you have several rights including:

  • the right to access your data: you can obtain information about any data regarding you and its use;
  • the right to rectify your data: you can ask for any personal data to be corrected or updated should it be incorrect or incomplete;
  • the right to erasure: you can have your data permanently deleted i.e. if it is no longer necessary for the reasons it was initially collected;
  • the right to data portability: you can ask to collect any data that you have provided and send it to another organisation;
  • the right to object: you can request that your personal data is not used for certain reasons i.e. processing it for marketing purposes;
  • the right to restrict processing: you can request that your personal data is only used for a specific reason;
  • the right to be forgotten: you can withdraw your consent to any processing at any time;
  • the right to make a complaint to the CNIL: you can make a complaint to the CNIL if you believe the processing of your data breaches data protection.

You can exercise your rights by writing or emailing the data protection officer.

Postal mail:
Agglomération de Grand Chambéry
Délégué à la Protection des Données personnelles
106 allée des Blachères

Please include a copy of some form of ID bearing your signature along with any essential, complete and accurate information with your request to help exercise your rights. You will receive your response as soon as possible within one month of us receiving your request. It may take two months depending on the complexity and number of requests. Where necessary, you will be informed of the delay and reasons for the delay within one month of us receiving your request. Please visit the CNIL website for further information about your rights.