Our tips for hiking in Chambéry Montagnes

Whether you're a trail runner, hiker or trekker, here's some information to ensure the mountain is a happy place for everyone.

People live and work in the mountain! Mountain pastures, meadows and forests are people’s places of work. They are all managed by farmers or foresters. It doesn’t matter if it’s a public or private plot, you’re always on someone’s property!

Our hiking, mountain biking and trail running friends are very welcome here as long as they follow certain rules that help protect the sites which they’re exploring as guests.

Respect the sites and you’ll have a good time!

Some advice for your hikes

Stick to the paths and close the gates behind you.

Take home your litter and dog poo as it causes disease among flocks.

Protect water in our springs, rivers and troughs for livestock.

Do not allow your dog to roam as it may frighten wildlife and livestock.

Never cut through a flock, always give it a wide berth as there may be a bull or a guardian dog (Pyrenean Mountain dog).

Avoid goats as they are naturally drawn to people.

Do not feed the animals, as cute as they may be.

Take nothing but pictures; don’t pick the flowers.

Please use specific parking spaces to keep access free.

Respect the path’s upkeep as it requires real expertise.

Do not set up a bivouac or campfire without the owner’s agreement.

Some advice to help share the mountain with Pyrenean Mountain dogs

Do not run and always face it.

Look the dog kindly in the eyes.

Place a stick on the ground, your backpack or jacket (remove it slowly) between you and the dog to create distance. If the dog goes behind you, drag your stick behind you.

If you’re in a group, huddle together and walk at the same time. Place the people who are scared at the back of the group.

Do not go through a gated enclosure with livestock in it.

Never try to stroke or touch a guardian dog.

Avoid wearing sunglasses when a flock approaches and remove them when you see a guardian dog.

Check which days hunting is permitted

The general hunting season in Savoie has been set to run from September 10th 2023 to January 28th 2024. Dates may differ for some game species, please visit the Savoie Prefecture website for further information (in French).

During the hunting season, the days on which hunting is authorised may vary from one locality to another. Please find below information for the towns in Chambéry Montagnes. For your safety, please wear a yellow jacket or brightly coloured clothing when out on these days.

Opening days for hunting in the towns of Chambéry Montagnes

joursdechasse-chamberymontagnes.pdf (pdf – 74 KB )