The Emerald of the Alps as Stendhal called it.

Some places are unique and time stands still when you’re in them. Chartreuse Nature Park is one of them. It gives you a good shake, awakens your senses and opens your mind before you slowly, but surely, get back to what matters: the here and now.

This way to wonderland

The most stunning scenery awaits at every turn in Chartreuse. You don’t need to venture too high or too far to get a sight for sore eyes. If you love walking then be sure to hike up to the peaks, they’re well worth it. No pain, no gain… you’re in for a treat at the top.

Pure freedom

With over 1000km of footpaths for you to pound and seasons that play at reshuffling the scenery, you can lose your bearings. Don’t worry, we’re here to point you in the right direction.

We’ll discuss the elevation, difficulty and estimated time for hikes, snowshoe treks and mountain bike rides. But the most important thing is to go at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or what happens when you get there. All that matters is what you get out of the journey.


Unspoilt scenery, small resorts and snowy sites, a whole host of pistes for different abilities all covered in a blanket of snow that showcase the landscape and heighten the emotion.

This is the perfect place and dream opportunity to get to grips with the slopes. Especially since our day passes mean it’s more affordable than ever to hit the mountain.


If you want to explore Chartreuse in summer, get up early and wait for the sun to come up. Then follow its journey over the mountains by air or on foot.

Or just settle back and do some people watching instead. That’s what the holidays are about!

Second of eternity, Magical moment

We’ve all dreamt of controlling time and slowing it down. So as you get closer to Grande Chartreuse Monastery, where the monks live in silence, it feels like the time has come. But appearances can be deceiving. Outside, time seems to have stood still, but inside is a whole other matter with a lifestyle and beliefs that have been around for 900 years and make the past very much present. Now you see that you shouldn’t slow time down, just make the most of every second you get.


Meeting the people who live here and bring Chartreuse to life is one intense experience. Some things feel unique, some feel traditional and some feel sacred. Funnily enough, the more magical the moments, the more you’ll want to share them. That’s what we call generosity.
Our top tip: the 22-stage Savoir-Faire Route and cultural sites!

Exquisite Hours, Private interlude

They all have their own personality and history. Some need maturing, others don’t. They have their production secrets and “controlled origins”, they can be intoxicating or heady, served on plates or poured into bottles, but one thing that all Chartreuse products do is they champion the area!

The all have authentic flavours and unique experiences. They are all fuelled to keep artisan expertise alive. Actions speak louder than words; try them for yourselves.


A room in someone’s house with views of the surrounding peaks. A holiday home for 8 with a warm and cosy vibe. A quirky place to stay for a unique experience. A family-run hotel for a reunion… Our places to stay may feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere but you’ll get hospitality like nowhere else here. The idea is to get away from it all to get back to yourself.