Car-sharing with Citiz

Car-sharing is the answer if you're going on a day trip to the Bauges Mountains or the vineyards of Cœur de Savoie Chambéry.

Are you travelling car-free and want to experience every side to Chambéry Montagnes? Citiz Alpes-Loire provides a car-sharing service so you can hop in a car from time to time or as often as you want.

Car-sharing on reservation

The Citiz service enables you to hire a car just the once, for an hour, a day or more.

  • Sign up to Citiz Alpes-Loire at the agency or online.
  • Book the car of your choice online, on the Citiz app or by phone.
  • Use your membership card or Citiz app to unlock your car.
  • Drive then drop your car off at your start point.
  • You only pay for the time you’ve booked and the distance you drive. Everything’s included: petrol, insurance, maintenance, assistance etc.

Self-service car-sharing

Yea! cars are available 24/7 with no need to book ahead in a specific area. Pick them up when you want, park them where you want.

  • Sign up to Citiz Alpes-Loire at the agency or online.
  • Use the Citiz app or keep your eyes peeled in the street to find the nearest Yea! car.
  • Use your fob or Citiz app to unlock your car.
  • Drive for as long and far as you want!
  • Drop your Yea! car off in any authorised parking area, swipe and you’re done.

Car-sharing and insurance

Car-sharing has a well-defined legal framework. When you use Citiz, you benefit from:

  • Civil liability covering the hirer, designated drivers and passengers.
  • Comprehensive insurance, covering damage to third parties or to yourself, theft and damage to the vehicle.