Wellness and relaxation

Chambéry Montagnes R&R. Treat yourself to some TLC, recharge your batteries, reboot and relax...

Spas, balneotherapy, fitness, massages and wellness. It’s time to indulge in some relaxation and give your body a break! You’ll find everything you need in Chambéry Montagnes.

Whether it be in Chambéry’s historical streets or the fabulous Bauges Mountains, there are countless places you can go for a treatment, Turkish bath and relaxation!

Take time out to enjoy and look after yourself, whether it be La Dolce Vita and a chill-out or fresh air and woodland walks. Chambéry Montagnes has what you need to recharge, reboot and revive body and mind!

Massage des Alpes
Les Déserts
La Motte-en-Bauges
Chalet bien-être