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  • Legal information

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Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme

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Legal status: Établissement Public à caractère Industriel et Commercial (State-funded Industrial and Commercial Establishment)
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Publication director: Jean-Baptiste Toursel, GCAT Managing Director

Photo credits

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  • Altimax – SEM des Bauges
  • Anthony Cottarel – PetitHôtelConfidentiel
  • ART PRISM – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
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  • Brasserie du Mont-Blanc
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  • Cécile Bouchayer – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
  • D. Gonthier – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
  • Didier Gourbin – Grand Chambéry
  • Domaine des Saints Pères
  • G. Cottet – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
  • G. Garofolin – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
  • G. Garofolin – Grand Chambéry
  • Héliatus – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
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  • J. Chavaribeyre – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
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  • Peignée Verticale – Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme

Design, development and hosting


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Data, information and translations

Some of the information on the website is provided by the Apidae Tourisme Tourist Information System.

Information regarding opening times for ski pistes, brochures, documents and contact forms are provided by Ingénie.

With the exception of texts from Apidae, most of the editorial content on this website has been translated by:

Les Mots de Gianni for Italian.

Atenao for English and Dutch.

Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme provides content for reference only and strives to provide accurate information but cannot guarantee or verify it is complete.

​Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme reserves the right to amend all or some of the information provided on the webpages at any time without prior notice.

Cross linking

Links from third party websites to

​Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme allows the implementation of hypertext links from any websites except for websites with controversial, pornographic, xenophobic or offensive material.

The link must send visitors to the homepage and the website must appear in a new window. The webpages must not be embedded in another website’s pages (frame or iframe). Unless otherwise agreed on a case by case basis, deep linking is strictly forbidden.

Whatever the case, ​Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme reserves the right to request a link be removed should the source website fail to respect the aforementioned rules.

Links from to third party websites

​Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme reserves the right to “direct” visitors to third party websites. You leave when you click the links. The target websites are not managed by ​Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme so it is therefore not responsible for their content, links, changes or updates.

Copyright and use

The entire website is governed by French legislation in terms of copyright and intellectual property. All rights reserved (including iconographic and photographic material). Visiting the website does not give visitors the right to use it without the agreement of Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme.

Reproducing all or some of the website on an electronic device in any form is strictly forbidden except with written authorisation from the publication director. Any use of resources (photographic, iconographic, textual or related to content, layout, structure etc.) on the website requires prior authorisation from Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme.

Screenshots of nominal information to add to databases i.e. for business or advertising is strictly forbidden.

Primarily, Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme authorises visitors to view website content.