Wi-Fi internet access

Stay connected with free Wi-Fi hotspots in Chambéry Montagnes.

If you’re hooked on the internet and love your social media then don’t worry, several areas in Chambéry Montagnes are covered by a public Wi-Fi network or free Wi-Fi areas.

Wi-Fi access in Chambéry

A public Wi-Fi network covers the following areas in Chambéry:

  • Parc du Verney.
  • Place du Palais de Justice.
  • Musée des Beaux-arts, place du Palais de Justice.
  • Maison des Associations, rue Saint François de Sales.

Wi-Fi access in Aillons-Margériaz

The foot of the ski slopes have Wi-Fi in both Aillons-Margériaz 1000 and Aillons-Margériaz 1400. It’s free and available to everyone. That way you can top up your online pass and avoid having to queue at the counter!

There’s free Wi-Fi at Aillons-Margériaz Tourist Information Centre and at the sports shop Aillons Sports too.

Wi-Fi access in Savoie Grand Revard

Free Wi-Fi access is available all year round at the La Féclaz Tourist Information Centre and during the winter season at Le Revard Tourist Information Centre.

Wi-Fi access in Le Châtelard

Free Wi-Fi is available at Amis des Bauges, rue Capitaine de Courson.

Hippocketwifi in the Bauges resorts

Chambéry Montagnes Tourist Board, in partnership with Hippocketwifi, allows you to be connected everywhere in our resorts: in your accommodation, on the slopes, in the resort… in short, wherever you want!

If you need to stay connected for work or to share your holiday with family and friends, book your Wi-Fi box online and collect it from the Tourist Office when you arrive in the resort.

  • Unlimited Internet access.
  • 4G broadband connection.
  • 10 devices connected simultaneously: phone, tablet, computer, games console, etc.
  • Easy to use with a single ON/OFF button.
  • Private, secure network.