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Chambéry Montagnes Tourist Board

  • Greater Chambéry Alps Tourism
Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme was created in May 2017 by merging the Tourist Boards of Chambéry, Challes les Eaux, Cœur des Bauges, Aillons-Margériaz and Savoie Grand Revard. Its aim is to showcase the Savoy capital, its metropolitan area and the Bauges Mountains as a tourist destination.

Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme is a fully-fledged sales and marketing service for the destination; it’s the ultimate tool in Chambéry and Bauges tourism to support visitors as well as residents and businesses in the metropolitan area and mountain range.

Our team

Reception and information, promotion, communication, marketing etc. the Tourist Board has a dynamic team of 32 permanent staff members, backed up periodically by seasonal workers. It works with partners to attract more people to our beautiful destination and give visitors a warm welcome with a whole host of activities.

Manages and represents GCAT, sets goals for each department and activity.
Jean-Baptiste Toursel
Managing Director
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Reception and Sales Department
Welcomes and advises visitors, manages visitor areas, labels and tools, runs ticket sales and gift shop.
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Alexia Demuer
Florence Bertail
Assistant manager in charge of the Chambéry Valley information centres
Laure-Anne Chaboud
Sales manager of La Ruche BoutiK’
Marie-Hélène Chambon
Trip advisor for Chambéry Valley
Nelly Foulon
Trip advisor for Chambéry Valley
Clotilde Ginollin
Trip advisor for Aillons-Margériaz
Pauline Guelle-Germain
Trip advisor for Chambéry Valley
Camille Legouest
Seasonal trip advisor for La Féclaz and Le Revard
Lina Martin
Trip advisor for Le Châtelard and La Féclaz
Benjamin Panczuk
Trip advisor for La Féclaz and Le Revard
Loïce Tosi
Sales consultant at La Ruche BoutiK’
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Groups and Business Tourism Department
Designs, runs and sells tourist products for groups and the general public, oversees the Convention Bureau in charge of business tourism development.
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Florence Fournier
Séverine Armenjon
Head of group sales
Svenja Jarmuschewski
Head of guided tour scheduling
Ariane Ludecke
Head of business and commercial development
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Communication Department
Designs, develops and manages promotional activities for the destination and its communication media, both physical and digital.
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Nicolas Deschamps
Randa Berbouche
Head of Press relations
Julie Chavaribeyre
Head of communication and webmarketing
Camille Hocdé
Content manager
Bruno Jacquier
E-tourism project manager / Apidae coordinator
Flore Ménéguz
Online community manager
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Customer Experience Department
Runs and supports the quality policy’s roll-out throughout the area. Manages the area’s tourism research panel. Runs and supports the design and roll-out of tourism tools, products and facilities throughout the area.
Contact the Customer Experience Department
Laurence Flautat-Guillaud
Émilie Colard
Head of cultural and heritage tourism development
Cécile Excoffier
Head of outdoor tourism development
Stéphanie Leroy
Head of quality and tourism engineering
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Administration Department
Handles administration, human resources, accounting, books and services.
Contact the Administration Department
Nathalie Newell
Myriam Cherfia
HR assistant
Nicole Plockyn
Accountant in charge of public procurement
Pascal Vaudin
Accountant in charge of budget monitoring
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