Cycling and mountain biking

Chambéry, its valley, lakes and surrounding peaks are heaven for cyclists no matter their discipline!

From iconic mountain passes if you’re looking for a challenge, to rolling hills for an easier ride, Chambéry Montagnes has countless facilities, bike paths and lovely outings for keen cyclists and mountain bikers.

Bike paths around Chambéry

Looking for a mountain bike ride in Savoie? We have descents around Chambéry that will give you goosebumps with their amazing elevation and the stunning scenery at the top and down the slopes.

If you fancy an easier ride then there are lots of bike paths like the V63 trail which starts in Chambéry and suits any ability, even if you don’t ride that often.

Chambéry Montagnes also has bike paths where no vehicles are allowed so you can take the kids for a stress-free ride.

Cycling enthusiasts to join you on your Savoy rides

Aside from the signposted bike paths in Savoie all around Chambéry, there are cycling enthusiasts in and around town who’d love to join you on a guided ride. That way you can get off the beaten track and visit the places and paths only the locals know about.

If you haven’t brought your loyal ride along then don’t worry: there are lots of places to hire one in and around Chambéry.

Savoie loves cycling and cyclists so look out for official bike-friendly accommodation with the Accueil Vélo label. It’s a sign of recognition among peers!

Routes available in digital version

Fancy a trail run? A mountain bike outing in the undergrowth? A cultural walk in the city?

The Mhikes mobile application invites you to discover the outdoor experiences of Greater Chambéry. It offers a wide variety of routes (hiking, cycling, trail) for all ages and abilities, and provides real-time geolocation tracking to guide you to the start of the activity and then along the route. GPS navigation is reliable on the trails, even when there is no network coverage, as the circuits can be embedded.

Interactive content can be triggered close to remarkable sites: quiz, orientation table, videos, etc. Other useful services are also available: rentals, restaurants, tourist offices, services with the Accueil Vélo label, etc.