Ski mountaineering

Carve smooth curves into the powder.

Aillons-Margériaz has 4 signposted routes for the growing ski mountaineering fanbase. They run through forests and stunning scenery so you can explore the great outdoors and get back to nature.

Ski mountaineering in winter is when the peaks and panoramas are at their show-stopping best. Ski mountaineering may have been just for enthusiasts and experts for a long time but it’s clear to see how it’s grown in popularity over the years. Chambéry Montagnes spotted the trend and Aillons-Margériaz brought out the Ski Mountaineering Experience to introduce people to the sport.

Real or virtual? 3 ways to do it!

There are signs along the trails with useful advice, tips and exercises: environment, technique, diet, mind, recovery.


Instructors provide an introduction and advice so you can gain skills with support.


Mhikes, a mobile app free to download from Google Play and the App Store, provides accurate GPS guidance on the routes and points out any nearby attractions or facilities.

A quick reminder before you start

Ski mountaineering can be dangerous if you don’t have a good understanding of the safety rules which everyone must follow:

  • Check the weather and environmental conditions in the area you plan to ski in (weather forecasts, information a phone call away from the piste department about snow conditions and any areas to avoid, guides, Aillons Margeriaz routes available to download etc.).
  • Be physically and mentally prepared with all the techniques and safety measures you need to ski carefree (route plan, time management, effort management, GPS/ARVA safety devices etc.).
  • Get all the gear your need for ski mountaineering: safety devices (ARVA, spade, probe, first aid kit, alert systems etc.), equipment (blankets, the right skis, rope etc.), food and drink. Please remember to wear a helmet.
  • Act with a duty of care and safety during your trip to keep you and your group safe (avoid dangerous areas, snow bridges and limestone pavements, keep your distance from snow groomers etc.).

This advice is also widely available from public authorities (ski resort operators) and mountain sports federations (e.g. FFCAM – FFME*) and available to view on their websites.

*French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs – French Mountain and Climbing Federation

Any ski mountaineers are expected to be careful and strictly adhere to safety advice for this sport as it can be very dangerous given the changing and unstable environment.