Aillons-Margériaz ski resort has two ski areas making it the perfect place for a family winter break 40 minutes from Chambéry and Annecy.

Aillons-Margériaz ski resort lies deep in the Bauges Mountains. Soak up the fabulous scenery, get to know the friendly locals and try your hand at winter sports in all their glory. With its classic Savoie and Bauges personality, Aillons-Margériaz ski resort has everything you could wish for!

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An unspoilt natural resort

Aillons Margériaz 1000 and 1400 are two ski areas with shuttle bus connections ideal for a family winter break: 36km of ski pistes are split between two separate areas at an altitude of between 1000 and 1900m. Five play areas for children and teenagers provide a fun-filled and thrilling break from skiing down the pistes!

Downhill skiing, ski mountaineering, dog sledding, tandem skiing, snooc, snow scooter, fat bike and many more exciting and quirky things to do. Not forgetting play areas to learn how to ski, challenging pistes for keen skiers and entertainment for all ages. There’s something for everyone in Aillons-Margériaz!

Deep in the spectacularly scenic Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Geopark, Aillon-le-Jeune village and its resort await you for your winter sports holiday. Get up close and personal with the great outdoors.

Aillons-Margériaz 1000 and 1400

Aillons-Margériaz 1400 is heaven for beginners! It’s the ultimate ski area to learn downhill skiing with its lovely wide green and blue pistes so you can learn as you go. Novice and amateur skiers, ski mountaineers, hikers and snowshoers can feast their eyes on unobstructed views of Mont Blanc and the Belledonne from the panoramic footpath and rest areas.

More experienced skiers can indulge their passion at Aillons-Margériaz 1000! The pistes here are slightly steeper than Aillons-Margériaz 1400. That said, Aillons-Margériaz 1000 has a lot of blue pistes and a practice area with a magic carpet so anyone can try it. That makes it the perfect place to ski with friends and family of different abilities.

The ski area’s ski mountaineering trails share the secrets of its forest paths and stunning scenery. Skiers, snowshoers and hikers can head to the 360° vista at the top of Mont Pelat with a picnic area.

Fantastic snowfall

Scientifically, snowfall doesn’t primarily depend on a resort’s altitude. Its geographical location, based on atmospheric circulation bringing snow, counts more than altitude which is only a medium benchmark on the Alpine arc’s scale.

Mount Margériaz has always been very snowy despite its relatively modest altitude (1845m): national statistics from the French Weather Station prove the Bauges Mountains have the best snowfall in the country at an altitude of 1500m-1800m in January, February and March!

That means Aillons-Margériaz 1400 has the best natural snowfall in France and you can easily ski here when there’s only 10-20cm of snow elsewhere in Savoie Mont Blanc, even at the more luxury resorts at the same or higher altitude.

Why is the snow so good here? It’s because of Mont Margériaz’s unique location based on prevailing winds bringing precipitation (from the West and North West). That means it’s the first to get the clouds that sprinkle huge amounts of snow onto the ski pistes. It’s definitely no coincidence there’s so much snow here!

Aillons-Margériaz is a resort that’s famous for its crisp white snow throughout winter. This time it’s the geology that makes it so pure: the blanket of snow lies on water-permeable karst soil so even if it rains for days on end (which happens in any resort when there’s a mild spell), the water goes through the snowy blanket and down into the limestone sub-soil. That means the blanket of snow is never grey (because it doesn’t soak up the water) or frozen so it retains less of the sun’s energy: the snow stays whiter for longer!